Is this the start of many more books?


Vinotha, my sister-in-law (and first cousin once removed) is a gifted translator, who began translating books from English for her own pleasure. She is a voracious reader in Tamil. As far as I can recollect the only books she loved reading in English as a young girl were Asterix comics and all the books of James Hardley Chase, the thriller writer. Otherwise, she did not like reading books in English for pleasure; the magical satisfaction she felt after reading a good book in Tamil did not happen with English books.

She had to start reading books in English again when she developed a love for theology, but only because of a dire dearth for good theological books in Tamil.

Vinotha decided to translate the English books that she found useful into Tamil, in order to enjoy them properly. In God’s providence, before this, for over a decade she had translated 1000s of pages for GB, our pastor and my father, and had honed her translation skills as well as become familiar with typing in Tamil.

I started uploading her work on our family website (, which now houses her translations and GB’s hymns.  Pastor Albert N. Martin, who retired after 46 years of ministry, kindly gave us the permission to publish Vinotha’s translation of the last series of sermons that he delivered as his closing words of counsel to the congregation in Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, N.J.

She has had the privilege of doing some translating work for திருமறைத்தீபம் (Bible Lamp), an excellent magazine in Tamil with sound theological content, edited by Pastor R.Bala.  She also translates for the DesiringGod website, having translated a series of 16 sermons of John Piper on the New Birth.

This latest step of actually having a book in print is exciting. I am excited. Watching her though, I think the only thing she wants is for good material to reach people who, like her, love reading – but in Tamil.

The publication name is பூர்வ பாதைகள் (Poorva Pathaigal), which means “Ancient Paths”.


We pray that many more useful books are translated through this ministry to the glory of God and the upbuilding of the elect.