Courage to tremble

Isa 66:2 . . . even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word

Knowing God (WIP)

My aim is to make this a faithful paraphrase of Knowing God by J I Packer, which is a classic.
In this attempt:
– I have supplied some information
(and you will usually see this in red font) where Packer assumes prior knowledge of literature, culture, church history, etc.,
– I have tried to format the text differently to make it easier to read and grasp, adding more white space, breaking up long sentences, and so on.
– I have added the scripture verses where possible.
– Packer’s language is ALWAYS lovelier than mine, and sometimes, unable to see his lines go, I may have ended up with a little bit of repetition—keeping his lines and adding my paraphrase as well. Anyway the hope of this work is to be able to learn from and get a taste of Packer.
I needed to do these things to understand the book for myself, but who knows, it may be helpful to someone else as well.

You can find the original text for Packer’s book online here.

Part 1
1. The Study of God
2. The People who Know their God
3. Knowing and Being Known
4. The Only True God
5. God Incarnate
6. He Shall Testify

Part 2
7. God Unchanging
8. The Majesty of God
9. God Only Wise
10. God’s Wisdom and Ours
11. Thy Word is Truth
12. The Love of God (Working on this one now)
13. The Grace of God
14. God the Judge
15. The Wrath of God
16. Goodness and Severity
17. The Jealous God

Part 3
18. The Heart of the Gospel
19. Sons of God
20. Thou our Guide
21. These Inward Trials
22. The Adequacy of God

Collection of Quotes


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