Welcome to my blog. My name is Nahomi.

I am Philip’s wife and mother of three children. I work outside the home as well, writing user manuals and online Help for software applications.

Studying the Bible is our number 1 passion.

Today we worship with a Reformed Baptist Church in Auckland. But over the years, we have been a part of many denominations.

We had a yearning to be part of a church where the Bible was preached faithfully. We were not uncommitted nomads but determined settlers. But for reasons beyond our control (usually a job transfer), we have had to pack our bags and move. Now looking back, we cannot find even one stop as having been useless. Everywhere we went, we immersed ourselves in the study of the word of God from the perspective of the church in which we found ourselves.

Being introduced to Reformed theology is one of the best things that has happened to us. It has allowed the word to throw light into many a dark crevice in our understanding. But because of our background, I suspect that we are able to delight in it more than some who have grown up in its shade. We are also able to enjoy and understand God’s people from non-reformed circles as well.

We do not expect to find a church under the sun that is perfect in theology and practice in every way. It is true that in choosing a local church, one must exercise utmost care with much prayer, looking for a church where the Spirit of God is at work, where the teaching is sound. As far as our experience goes, every such church has blind spots too. God knows, we ourselves are far from perfect in our understanding.

We yearn for the day when all of God’s people will stand together, without these labels, before the Lamb who purchased us at Calvary.

He (Jesus). . . says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”
Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
(Rev 22:20-21)


  1. Hi Nahomi,
    I am an ex-Clarencian and a bunch of us would like to get in touch with MsHorton and Mr Coates etc.
    Please can you help.

  2. Hello Nahomi,
    I read what you have written about Zac Poonen. I have been attending his church since last one year now in Bangalore. I want to correct you that it is not a Pentacostal church. I would rather like to call it a new covenant pattern church. I dont say that we are better than anyone else. But we follow God’s Word in every little thing we do in our Church and personal lives. Also, he does not like to called a Pastor but just a Brother as our Lord Jesus said in Matthew 23. So a humble request from my side is that you make these changes in your blog. Thank You.

    Your Brother,

    • The church that Stephen Turner pastors is in the north shore. Our church is in Mt.Wellington and our pastors are R Bala and Alfie Orr.

  3. Nahomi,

    You are a gifted writer, and you are using this gift in a very God-glorifying way.

    I agree with your comment “We do not expect to find a church under the sun that is perfect in theology and practice in every way”. Because, in fact if there is such a perfect local church, then we cannot be a member of it, by definition.

    John Piper comments that God wants people to be telescopes (telescopes makes huge things appear more like what they really are, and our lives should showcase God in that way). He says of his church: “We welcome broken people – they make good telescopes”. This is why no church can ever be perfect, but God’s glory can still shine very brightly in them.

  4. Hi, Nahomi, it is Suganthi Bai Jeyakumar, Asaph Uncle’s daughter. I happened to visit your blog now and do accept your quote “We do not expect to find a church under the sun that is perfect in theology and practice in every way.”

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