I sit on His knee
‘Fore the Book open wide,
At the place
Where the Lord
Calmed the storm,
Stilled the tide.

Turn the pages
And a young man
With a stone
Felled a giant;

Turn again
To see angels
Close the mouth
Of hungry lions;

Split the sea
The enemy’s routed;
Fall the walls
When triumph shouted;

A queen saved her people
In a faraway land;
Against God’s will
Whoever could stand!

What a Book!
What a Lord!

As we travel the sod,
Do we need to every worry
Flustered in a frenzied hurry?

What a show!
What a sight!
What a Savior
And what might!

And to think
As a child
On His knee,
I sit still
‘Fore the Book open wide,
As my heart drinks its fill.

Here I’ll stay,
Here abide,
All my life,
As a child.

-n- 16 May 1996