Archaeology and the Bible

First house from Jesus’ time found in Nazareth

(BBC dated 21 December 2009 )

Researchers may have found King Solomon’s mines

( dated 28 October 2008 )

Ancient texts go digital with space-age imaging tech

(Discovery News dated 27 September 2008 )

Ancient New Testament going online

(The New Zealand Herald dated 23 July 2008 )

Science and the Bible

Apeman myth exposed

(The New Zealand Herald dated 15 April 2009 )

Poll reveals public doubts over Darwin’s theory of evolution

(The Hindu Business Line  dated 01February 2009 )

Utah geologists discover ‘dinosaur dance floor’

(Yahoo News dated 21 October 2008 )

Creationist issues $11 trillion challenge (A muslim creationist challenges scientists)

(The New Zealand Herald dated 30 September 2008 )

Persecution of Christians

Shocking acts of cruelty in religious strife

(The New Zealand Herald dated 10 October 2008 )

PM tells of shame as Christians attacked

(The New Zealand Herald dated 03 October 2008 )

Graham Staines dies for mission work in Orissa

(India Today dated 08 February 1999)

Good Christian examples

The faith of the Spence family in the face of tragedy

(, dated 23 September 2012)

Akron man who was set on fire forgives his attackers

(, dated 26 November 2009)

Christian janitor died saving Muslim students

(, dated 11 November 2009)

Local teacher sends annual greetings to every former student

(, link from Eyewitness News dated 05 November 2009)

Teen Who Used Echolocation Dies of Cancer

(, link from dated 29 January 2009)

Slain good Samaritan’s family speak

(The New Zealand Herald dated 29 July 2008 )

Mrs. Im’s son in Cambodia forgives his mother’s killer

(The New Zealand Herald dated 29 July 2008 )

Elim Christian College tragedy

(Sunday Star Times dated 20 April 2008 )

Gladys Staines on forgiveness

(Life Positive dated March 2000)


More nurses opting out of abortion ops

(The New Zealand Herald dated 04 February 2009 )

‘I survived an abortion attempt’

( dated 06 December 2005 )

Other matters of interest to Christians

Genes may explain why churchgoers drink, smoke less: report

(Reuters dated 1 November 2009)

Archaeologists search for mass grave of unbaptised babies

(The New Zealand Herald dated 11 February 2009)

Moderate Muslim beheads wife

(The Buffalo News dated 17 February 2009)