The bridge across the Mississippi on Interstate Highway 35W, connecting twin cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, collapsed yesterday during the afternoon rush hour. It is a tragedy of historic proportions.

At such times:

  • People, who have not understood the gospel, question the existence of God, saying, “If there was a God, this would not have happened.”
  • Some, though not questioning God’s existence, may question His actions saying, “Where is God when we need Him most?” or “How can a loving God allow a tragedy like this?”
  • Some preachers use this opportunity to say that this is God’s punishment on a sinful generation.
  • Sure enough, you have others reacting to these preachers, making them look heartless and flippant.

I found the reaction of one good pastor very refreshing and edifying.

Link to: Putting My Daughter to Bed Two Hours After the Bridge Collapsed

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