In fellowship sweet with our Lord every hour,
Content in His arms, resting all the day long
Come sit at His feet and His loveliness savour;
In the Savior’s dear presence is where we belong.

“Out, world and your glamour, your noise, and your clamour.
“I want to be here with my Savior, secure.”
The love in His eyes as He watches the children
Is urgently prodding to keep ourselves pure.

The churning and changing, the struggles and straining,
The froth builds between our dear Lord and ourselves
A little neglect, soon the world’s scales start forming,
Till we’re blind to the glory of heavenly realms.

Far, far are we driven by the tempter’s beguiling,
By the sights and the dazzle; Lord put forth Your arm
To snatch us from dreams and the rainbows we’re chasing,
To learn to be still in Your meekness and calm.

-n-   15 May 1996