Trunk for storage

A trunk is used to store clothes and other items. This is a picture that I took during our trip to India in January. Here you can see a trunk of another kind being used for storage.

This is the home of a family that lives on the pavement along a busy road in Chennai. The cloth that the yellow arrow is pointing to is a hammock-like cradle with a baby in it. The members of this family have probably come here from another village for work as labourers in a building project of some sort.

A little later, not far from this “home”, on the same pavement, we saw a little child playing with a piece of concrete. I could see no one in the immediate vicinity of this child. As an outsider who was just passing by, I did not do anything beyond taking a photograph.

Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matt 10:29-31


  1. Dear Nahomi,
    The verse from Matthew reminds me of a beautiful poem written by an anonymous writer.
    I had read it in my poetry book in junior school and though it was never done in class, it stays on in my mind.
    Here is the sparrow’s point of view:

    The Sparrows Song

    I am only a little sparrow!
    A bird of low degree!
    My life is of little value.
    But the dear Lord cares for me
    He gave me a coat of feathers
    ‘Tis very plain I know:
    With never a speck of crimson.
    For it was not made for show.
    But it keeps me warm in winter,
    It shields me from the rain.
    Were it bordered with gold and purple
    Perhaps it would make me vain

    I have no barn or storehouse:
    I never sow or reap:
    God gives me a sparrow’s portion.
    But never a seed to keep.
    If my meat is sometimes scanty.
    Close picking makes it sweet:
    I have always enough to keep me.
    And life is more than meat.
    I know there are many sparrows:
    All over the world they’re found:
    But our heavenly Father knows
    When one of us falls to the ground.

    Though small, we are never forgotten-
    Though weak, we are never afraid.
    For we know that the dear Lord keeps
    The lives of the creatures He made.
    I fly through the thickest forest,
    I light on many a spray,
    I have no chart or compass,
    But I never lose my way.

    Author Unknown

  2. I read an amazing book the other day, called Flower Queen. It is a true and inspirational story, about helping one who is less privileged than you. I would recommend it to anyone

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