Ha ha, strawberry guavas can be yellow

So strawberry guavas can be yellow as well.

Julia, my team leader, brought me these guavas from her garden. Both the yellow and red fruit tasted like regular guavas, only slightly lemony.

Although they were interesting as miniatures tend to be, I prefer regular guavas any day because these bite-sized fruit get you straight to the seedy (meaning ‘full of seeds’) part, the seeds being as big, as annoying, and as getting-stuck-in-the-teeth as the seeds of the regular fruit.

During the fruit season, the fruit falls to the ground and ferments. Small birds feeding in Julia’s garden often get drunk and fall down her chimney necessitating rescue missions.


  1. There’s a bird in the chimney right now. It flops down into the fireplace but when we open the door it flies back up the chimney. We’ll just have to wait until it’s worn itself out (or sobered up) to rescue it.

    I recall the (large) guavas of West Africa being very intensely scented unlike these ones. Feijoas are guavas too though and they are very scented.

    Raoul is a little larger than the average bird.


  2. Yes, and snug in the fireplace, now that the fires have not been started up yet. Will open doors tempt Raoul?

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