Man oh man, you’ve got to hear Pastor Al Martin’s preaching. Click here to get to some of the sermons.

He has been preaching for 46 years, which includes the last 37 years in Trinity Baptist Church of Montville. It would be almost impossible to find a subject that he has not dealt with in these years.

His beautiful voice and rich language would have been ideal for itching ears, but for the fact that his preaching is not easy on the ear of the natural man because of its holy forcefulness. He is known for his careful exegesis, excellent delivery of the word and application. Let us be thankful to God for such men who regard the pulpit as a responsibility for which they must one day render account to God, and so preach without compromise but with passion, grace, and love.

His name is a byword in Reformed Baptist circles and he has been a mentor and guide to many many pastors. So his retirement is big news. He is moving to Reformed Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan, where his step son Mark Chanski is a pastor. He will not minister there in the capacity of pastor but will continue to write and teach. David Chanski, another step son, is moving to Trinity Baptist Church from Providence Reformed Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to take over from him.

In these last weeks Pastor Al Martin has been preaching a series of sermons entitled: Parting Words of Counsel to Members and Friends of Trinity Baptist Church. I believe there are seven parts. I have listened to two so far and they are well worth listening to. Click here to get to them.