From the annals of time—A choir

This photograph of a choir about to enter a church building was taken in the mid 1920s.

The pastor with the long beard in the rear is Philip’s grandfather and mine. The gentleman with glasses, three rows before him is his son (our uncle Mathuram Martin). The handsome young man three rows before Uncle Mathuram, who seems somewhat startled, is another son (our uncle Asaph). Three rows in front of Uncle Asaph is yet another son (our uncle Anbunathan) leading the procession. At the time this photograph was taken, Philip’s mother Flora would have been a young child, and my father may not have even been born.

This photo is part of an album that belonged in the family when my father was growing up. He tells me that Uncle Anbunathan was included in the choir because of his crystal clear singing voice, but unfortunately could not be trusted to march into the church with the expected dignity. The boy immediately behind him was given the duty of keeping him from rushing away by holding onto his choir gown, and even yanking him back if necessary.

Even in this early picture we see the same beloved face and the squint we knew so well. Today this photo is in the keeping of his grandson Deepak who kindly allowed me to take a copy.


  1. The choir from the annals of time is truly timeless.
    All those from the picture who have passed on are now singing to The Resurrection and the Life.May their souls rest in peace.Amen

  2. Nice to see a comment from you after some time. 🙂 I know you like photos like this. You always loved all things old—old furniture, old books, old photos etc.

    Now, about those in this photo: According to the Bible, sadly, most of those who profess to follow Christ will not finally make it to heaven. Terrible though this sounds, the New Testament makes this clear repeatedly. But if these loved ones were convicted of their sin and believed in Jesus as the only One who could save them, and if they strove to lead holy lives in obedience to the Holy Scriptures, then, they will be in heaven.

    As for us who are alive today, let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling, ensuring that we have rightly appropriated the blessed salvation that the Lord Jesus procured on the cross for His chosen ones.

    And like you point out, heaven will include wonderful singing of God’s praises.

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