Seeing snow for the first time

It is the end of winter down under. Our family joined some other Tamil families for a skiing trip to the mountains. Because of heavy snow, the slopes were closed. But that did not prevent us from enjoying ourselves. After a morning in the snow (somewhere along State Highway 47, not too far from the National Park), we spent a few hours in a naturally heated hot pool before retiring to our camp for a hot meal of chicken and rice. Here are some pictures of the trip and our journey home.

A view of the mountains from the camp in Turangi

Hiring our gear (mostly walk boots and jackets)

Winter wonderland

Philip and I

Lydia (Right) with friends Sam and Melody

Photographer Philip in Melody’s glasses

Prisy (right) with young friend Waishi and head of snowman

Lydia on a sled

Lake Taupo a crater lake that feeds the Waikato

P, T, and L with Lake Taupo in the background

The blue water of the Huka Falls where the Waikato flows through a narrow canyon

Interesting buildings in the town of Tirau

On our way home to Auckland

Sometimes even singing

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