A conference for women took place this week in the States. I am excited about it because many of the speakers are people I have respected and benefitted from.

I would like to reproduced some paragraphs written by my friend David Porter who followed the conference and wrote about it in his blog:

As I am now later composing this blog post, I am listening to Dr. John Piper address the audience of 6,000 women.  Here is his main point:

“True Womanhood, is a distinctive calling of God, to display the glory of God, and His Son, in ways that would not be displayed, if there were no Womanhood.”

Speakers at this conference include Nancy Leigh DeMoss, John Piper, Marry Kassian, Karen Loritts, Dannah Gresh, Janet Parshall, and Joni Tada. You can now listen to these messages, online here.

Another important part of this conference was the True Woman Manifesto, which thousands of women, all over the world, have signed on with their hearts.

This was clearly a powerful conference, and the word of God was clearly proclaimed to the 6,000 women in attendance.

I thank God for encouraging news like this. I read the two-page manifesto mentioned above and was amazed that it manages to include so many important points that Christian women today need to believe, affirm and declare.

The coming days will hopefully see these women and other godly women around the world continue on a path that is very different from that of modern women of the world, as the Manifesto says:

As Christian women, we desire to honour God by living counter-cultural lives that reflect the beauty of Christ and His gospel to our world.