Fun picture of Noah's ark; good for toddlers only; adults must outgrow it

Romesh Abraham arranged for Adrian Bates from the Creation Ministries International to give a talk about dinosaurs at the NZTCF youth meeting. Steve and Debbie Kitshoff, supporters of the ministry for many years, came too, bringing with them their model of Noah’s ark.

Adrian Bates gave the main lecture about dinosaurs and ended the session with a question-and-answer session. I found both the lesson and the Q&A session very interesting. Before he began his lesson, Steve, who is a mining engineer, gave a short talk about Noah’s ark.

We believe the flood story because we know that it is in the Bible, the word of God. But the account itself is credible even from a non-Christian perspective. This, provided one is prepared to be reasonable and patient enough to hear the reasoning completely.

If Christian scientists conclude that there is nothing in the account that is far-fetched or unbelievable, believe me, that is the case. Questions like ‘How could the ark possibly have been sufficient to fit all the animals?’ or ‘Did the ark include dinosaurs?’ or ‘Where is the ark now?’ or ‘How could Noah possibly have known how to build a structure of this nature?’ or even, ‘Were there kangaroos in the ark?’ begin to sound lame after a while, because they are so easily answered. There is plenty to unlearn as well, the picture with animals sticking out of the ark, for starters.

The model of the ark that the Kitshoffs brought with them was really cool. Everyone was able to look at it closely after the meeting. They had made it themselves using the same proportions as given to Noah by God (only much smaller), complete with three decks.

Adrian Bates from CMI with the Kitshoffs, who painstakingly built a model of the ark using the proportions given in the Bible