Abortion and Euthansia

Am I missing something here; is it pro-life week or something? I clicked these three links in my blog.

Laurie’s blog, Beauty for Ashes,  has a post called Life that took me to another post Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen speaks again.

The latest post on David’s blog, Boomer in the Pew, is Baroness Warnock: Demented People have a “Duty to Die.”

Clicking on Today’s Question in the creationontheweb.com site took me to Human Life Questions and Answers—Abortion and Euthanasia


  1. Nahomi,

    You are not missing anything that I am aware of. The presidential elections, in the US, are tomorrow and the pro-life issues are deeply on the minds of US Christians.

    If the polls are to be believed, we may wind up with the staunchest pro-abortion advocate ever, sitting in our White House.

  2. As far as I know you haven’t missed anything. But it is election season, and here in America there’s a pro-life candidate running against one of the most pro-abortion politicians in the country. Many Christians, who think of this as another holocaust, myself included, are attempting to keep this matter in the forefront of Christian’s minds. The pro-abortion candidate is very likeable, and wildly popular, and would by all accounts likely be a fine president – but there’s this holocaust (which he actively defends) that mustn’t be forgotten just because it’s “legal” and it takes place among human’s we’ll never meet.

    Also, in the secular news, not having anything to do with elections, these stories regarding euthanasia and other sanctity of life issues just keep popping up in the news. As I told our friend, David, it is the spirit of anti-Christ which has been at work in the world since the beginning. He appears to be gathering strength. The evil one is a murderer, and has been from the beginning. If everyone remains silent regarding these atrocities, there will come a time when such stories are not even considered newsworthy anymore and euthanasia will have the same status in the minds of the populace as abortion. (Ah, sorry, I seem to have blogged in your comments column.)

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