Some of us are going through Sketches from Church History by S M Houghton one small chapter at a time. (By the way, the book has pictures.) Aiding us in this study is the work book by Rebecca Frawley. Both are Banner of Truth books.

Part I  The Early Church to the Rise of Islam

Chapter 1  The Early Church
Chapter 2  The Martyrs
Chapter 3  Constantine the Great
Chapter 4 Church Fathers
Chapter 5 Monasticism
Chapter 6 The Rise of the Papacy
Chapter 7 Islam

Part II  The Dark and Middle Ages to the Height of Papal Authority

Chapter 8 and 9  The Christian Faith comes to the British Isles
Chapter 10 Early Missionaries in Europe
Chapter 11 Pope and Emperor
Chapter 12 The Crusades
Chapter 13 The Papacy at its height