Yes, we’ve voted

On Saturday, Philip and I voted for the first time in New Zealand and for the second time in our lives. We are quite a bit older than the minimum voting age but could not vote in India on most occasions because our names would not be in the electoral rolls on account of our frequent transfers. On one occasion, someone else had voted using our names.

Election day went very peacefully in New Zealand and we could make out that much planning and work had gone into it. The country voted for change, just as the US did, only the shift was in the opposite direction, from left of center to right of center.

After we voted we were given stickers to wear.


One more person, a first-time-ever voter, voted in our family and that person appeared terribly affected for the rest of the day.








From her forehead the sticker found its place on her jeans, got lost, was found again, and treasured for life.

One comment

  1. That is so funny, about your daughter I mean. This was my daughter’s first election as well. It was exhilherating for her especially because it was such a groundbreaking election here. She felt like she was part of something big and important – which she was. She got to feel like a winner. She, like most of the youth of our country voted for change. We had shared our concerns with her before the election; but in the end she voted as she saw fit. This is America, and that is her “right”. And we are glad at least to see her participating in the process of government. She, too, wore here sticker proudly. It’s funny, I remember the election twenty years ago, when I walked to the polling place hugely pregnant with that same girl! Time moves so quickly.

    I’m also glad to hear there’s some move toward conservatism in your land. Every little bit helps I think.

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