David Horowitz, American writer and activist, writes for FrontPage Magazine.

I came across his article  ‘Why Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East’ published in 2002. It was hard to chose one catchy excerpt to include here, because I found far too many. I will leave you with the last two on my list.

The Jews got a sliver of land without oil, and created abundant wealth and life in all its rich and diverse forms. The Arabs got nine times the acreage but all they have done with it is to sit on its aridity and nurture the poverty, resentments and hatreds of its inhabitants. Out of these dark elements they have created and perfected the most vile anti-human terrorism the world has ever seen:

For the Jews in the Middle East, the present conflict is a life and death struggle, yet every government in the UN with the exception of the United States and sometimes Britain regularly votes against Israel in the face of a terrorist enemy, who has no respect for the rights or lives of Jews.

The article is a great read and an enlightening one.