My blog has linked to the Christian News New Zealand blog for a long time, and today I came to be introduced to three more in this country.

___ Christian News New Zealand


Gives you news that would interest mainline evangelical Christians in New Zealand.

___ The Adventures Of A Homely Wife


For birdbrains like me, this is the nicest of the three I’ve been shown today—easy and enjoyable to read. The blogger is a mother named Liz. If post categories are anything to go by, she writes about books, Christianity, family, gardening, housekeeping, parenting, politics, recipes, sewing, and more.

___M and M


This blog is not easy to read and is authored by Matt and Madeleine Flannagan. I have come across this website before. In fact, it was my team leader at work who showed it to me many months ago, saying that it would appeal to my “libertarian” view. (I  googled  “libertarian” and gave up after coming up with much that went over my head.)

___ Thinking Matters


This is an apologetics site for lay Christians in New Zealand.