Sharing an email I received yesterday that shows that children of God can have fun too, and even if they are over 70 years old.

How are things with you?  Are you busy at work?  Just thought I would send you a little e-mail to brighten your day – if it needs brightening!! I would feel very miserable having to go to work when the weather is so nice like this.  When I was working and it was school holidays, I always had time off, because my children were younger, of course.  So we could go out for the day somewhere and be back in time for dinner, when Warrick came home.

On Tuesday, my friend and I had a day out together.  It took quite a bit of planning, but its been in my mind for some time.  We took a ferry to Waiheke.  It was lovely.  We had a bus ride and had a good look at as much of the island as we could.  It is very pretty with lots of bays and beautiful beaches.  We had lunch there, then caught the ferry back to Auckland, then a train out to the West, and home here for dinner (which I had prepared the night before) and then we took her home later in the evening.

It was a long day for “two old ladies”, but she really enjoyed it.  She is a driver, so has never been on any public transport before.  She lives over on the North Shore, so we don’t manage to see her as often as I would like.  All the travelling was done with our Super Gold Cards, so it was all free!!  (Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to afford it!!)  But it was a day to remember, and now that we’ve done it once maybe we will attempt other interesting trips.

Better let you get on with some work.  Bye for now.