I came across a Christian blog, that too a New Zealand one, today called I am Jonny King and chanced upon a post called ‘Happy Anniversary to “the General, the Mac Attack, the Mac Daddy” John MacArthur’

I was curious to see if the writer liked MacArthur or didn’t. It was not easy to find out, because his language needed more concentration than I was giving it. But before I reached the middle of the post I was pretty sure, he liked the man. This is how the post ends:

“Therefore, we should thank God for John MacArthur’s commitment over these forty years to Christ as outworked in the multiplying ministries around the world, which are not ashamed to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God, and we should be asking God to lengthen his days and increase His wisdom, so that he can continue to speak the truth in love… after all, love is not mere sentimentality, is it about doing what is best for the person (I am confident that this is MacArthur’s motivation).

“And, when MacArthur does speak strong words that may irk, we should remember the man, his motivation, and hold fire in humility, digging deeper both into the Scriptures and our hearts that, without the grace of God move mercilessly to wanton destruction.”