Some of us are going through Sketches from Church History by S M Houghton one small chapter at a time. (By the way, the book has pictures.) Aiding us in this study is the work book by Rebecca Frawley. Both are Banner of Truth books.
Now we are at
Chapters 8 and 9   The Christian Faith comes to the British Isles

These chapters include many interesting little stories and anecdotes that have been handed down over the years that make for interesting reading.

Some keywords/names to remember/key ideas from this chapter are:

  • The earliest Christians in Britain were Roman colonists belonging to the army of occupation. (The Romans were in Britain for three and a half centuries)
  • Britain’s first martyr was Alban, who was executed on a mound outside the city, because he refused to carry out a simple act of worship on a heathen altar.
  • St. Patrick,  Apostle to Northern Ireland
  • Two groups preached to the Angles, Jutes, and Saxons who invaded and conquered large parts of Britain in the fifth century.
    • Monks (Aidan in particular) came from Iona.
    • Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory I
  • Cantebury became the center fro Roman Christianity in Britain.
  • Edwin, British king converted to Christianity because of the preaching of a Roman monk who came to him when he married a Christian princess. Edinburgh in Scotland is named after this King Edwin.
  • King Oswy had been brought up in the Celtic church. He embraced the views of the Roman Church after hearing a debate, at the Synod of Whitby, between a Celtic Church speaker (Colman of Lindisfarne) and a Roman abbot (Wilfred, the Abbot of Rippon).
  • Some ways in which Alfred the Great furthered Christianity in England:
    • Provided Christian education to his subjects
    • Engaged in work of translation of Bede’s Ecclesiastical History from Latin to Anglo Saxon and also translated many of the Psalms
    • Presented the chief of clergy of England with copies of Pope Gregory’s Pastoral Care
    • Revised the laws of the land and included the law of Moses

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