Prisy, Tim, and Lydia,

I don’t know what is in store for you in your lives. But I hope you’ll always take comfort in the knowledge that we have a God who is sovereign and in control of all things. Not a sparrow falls from the sky without His knowledge. He can never be taken by surprise.

Joni here, speaks about how God sometimes permits what He hates to achieve what He loves. God allowed His Son to die on a cruel Roman cross so that He could open the floodgates of heaven for His people. He allowed terrible suffering in Joni’s life to refine her character and prepare her for a lifetime of service.

And this is Joni on the Larry King show. She talks about how she had to lean on God more after the accident, and the more she leaned on Him, the more she realised how strong He was.

Heaven is nearer to Joni