I was watching the videos showing the Question-and-Answer sessions by Dr.Michael Brown. The seventh question is:

If Jesus is the Messiah, and if the Christians have accepted the true Messiah, then why has there been so much of antisemitism from the Christian community towards the Jews?

Dr.Brown, while acknowledging that in the past, there was much antisemitism from individuals professing to be Christian and from the organised church in history, goes on to assert that by and large the idea that Christians do not like Jews is an aberration. In his answer, he mentioned that the Christians he met in his travels all over the world were always delighted to have a Jew in their midst.

By the way, I am an Indian Christian.

As an Indian, I am proud to say that India was one of the countries where the Jewish people lived in peace. As they did everywhere, they contributed to the community and also absorbed some of the culture, while always maintaining their identity as Jews.

As a Christian, I love the Jewish people in a very special way. The first time I saw a Jew was in the early 1970s in Calcutta, and I saw him regularly. Every Sunday after the evening service at Carey Baptist Church in Bow Bazar, my parents and I would walk some distance to catch our tram home. We would often pass a poor area where many poor people slept on the pavement. One of these was an old Jewish man. I remember him as if it were just yesterday; he was a big man and of fair complexion. I do not remember what my father said to me to pass on such a feeling of respect as I felt. I remember staring at him, every Sunday night, in awe that this was a Jew just like the Lord Jesus, intensely curious as to what his life was like.

No, I assure any Jewish person who may read this. Christians, especially those who study their Bibles, do not have feelings of hate towards the Jews. It is obvious to us that as a people, you have missed recognising the Messiah. I look forward to the time when this recognition will dawn on the Jewish people. Once that happens, the Lord’s coming—when He will bring to complete fulfillment all the messianic prophecies—could be just around the corner.