A poem written by my friend Brent Rogers in Japan.

I praise You for the way You make me hard
enough to stand here for thousands of years
but somehow
soft enough that wildflowers
bloom in my ridges and crannies in the spring.

I praise You because You love beauty.

Even though You made me for the delight of humans,
I believe You also enjoy watching the wildflowers
bloom and the sunsets on my shoulders.

Thank You for creating the hawk and the eagle
who soar around my peaks, also praising You
in their own way.

I praise You for the snow that reflects the sun
and dazzles the eyes of the humans
who come to
enjoy their winter sports.

Even though I am a mountain of stone,
I praise You that You have made me
a habitat for your living creatures.

I want to serve my Creator by any means.

If You need me to shelter Your courageous
saints in my caves some day, whether soon or
in the far distant future, I
only want to glorify, praise, and thank You
until mountains are no more.

You are Amazing, God!

Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy Psalm 98:8