When the children were little, I was fed up with the school curriculum, which seemed to allow for no joy of learning. I had myself studied in three top schools in the country and knew what my kids were missing. Because I was working outside the home, I did not have the time or the energy to supplement their learning and neither was I sufficiently enthusiastic about their daily school work. When came exam time, I found that I could compose tunes for History facts, science definitions, maths formulae, and especially Hindi answers and they would happily sing their way to their next class, not aloud in the exam hall of course.

If this could work for school work, it should work for memorising Bible passages. This led to a period of many years when we memorised several passages this way.

Here is a recording of the kids singing Psalm 12 from memory.

And this is them singing this Psalm as a special item for the South City Church family camp 2017