Wheel of time, ever turning,
Slow your pace that I may savour
The chapter you have brought me to —
A time so full and gratifying.
Turn O wheel a trifle slower
Before I pass to another view.
Can’t you hear the children’s chatter
And their baby feet that patter?
With your turning
Comes the changing–
Progress, growth, life’s rearranging.
But hugs and kisses, love and laughter,
Now whirl and flow, swirl me along.
Little prayers of little children
Bless these days of joy and song.
Maybe nothing fearful in your turning,
Yet let me just a moment linger–
A moment more before you turn.

-n- 7 October 1995

(When Prisy was 6, Tim was 4, and Lydia was not quite 3 )