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Sunday started with Carol’s pancakes for breakfast.


We saw snow on the ground as Carol drove us to church. It is not very common for this time of year to get snow.

z_02_Snow just for us

Beauty everywhere we looked



We reached the Living Hope Bible Church venue in Issaquah in good time for the Sunday school.

We attended the study on Hermenuetics – Basic Bible Interpretation, led by Andrew Chang, followed by discussion time. Discussion questions were provided.



The worship was led by Prabhu and the preaching was by the Senior Pastor Joe Lum, using the text, Titus 3: 9-14.


After the service, we got to meet many of the members of this church. Far too many names to match to faces, but I will always remember this time of fellowship. We were careful to take copies of the bulletin for Pastor Orr, back home in Auckland, who is always interested to know about other like-minded churches.

Prabhu dropped us off at the Thomas’ home in Redmond at about 3:30 p.m. Peter was my classmate in high school. In 2001, twenty years after we finished school, we met at a wedding and have kept in touch since. We asked their son Sandeep to click this photo of us to share with the rest of our classmates who are in a WhatsApp group.


It was getting dark, and I also managed to jam my finger in the car door, but resting my poor finger on a bag of frozen spinach, we managed to get to Snoqualmie Falls. It was beautiful. Because of the recent rains, there was much water and we had the spray on our faces and hair.


On our return we chatted for a while. It was an enjoyable and edifying time of sharing. It felt like the kind of conversation that Malachi 3:16 speaks about, “Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard.”

Vanita provided us with a tasty Indian meal.Their daughter sweetly took charge of the cleanup. Their third daughter, who is proud of the fact that she is nearly a pre-teen, served us icecream with mango pulp for dessert.


When Peter and Vanita gave us a ride back to Prabhu and Carol’s home, they also came in and met Prabhu. We had another time of good conversation and fellowship. We listened to their daughter’s singing on Youtube.

We prayed together before we parted. We will meet again.