OPH Road and Commercial Street

[Part 3 of Series Two days in Bangalore]

11 August 2016. Our next stop was Old Poor House Road (OPH Road) and Taj hotel in particular. In India, when we say “hotel” we usually mean “restaurant”. I remember the many times, I  have come here to have Biriyani.


The Biriyani was just as it was 40 years ago. The little lumps of cooked tomato masala in the rice still satisfies the taste buds as they did then. The mutton kebabs are not available anymore and have been replaced with lollipop chicken. The luxury of the finger bowl is missing.


We washed the food down with two glasses of butterscotch milkshake shared among the three of us.


I took the following pictures of the busy street from a window of the restaurant.



We then went to the once posh Commercial street to do some serious shopping. This street looked tired.



The one thing I found interesting and hence bought is this miniature cycle.



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