For four nights, they have hunkered down under the roost house for the night. How was I going to get them to go up into their roost house for the night? Yesterday, I had a bowl of feed there to see if that would coax them to climb up their ramp and into the house at least to check the place out. But they seemed singularly uninterested.

Today before I left for work, I moved their feeder to the house, ensuring thar the area had enough light.

When I returned home I wasn’t sure if they had actually eaten any of the feed. They were already huddled underneath ready for bedtime. 

Determined not to allow any bad habits to set in, one by one, I picked them up, fluttering and reluctant, and placed them on the perch in the roost house. I’ll keep at this every night till they get it.

They are locked in now, and hopefully sleeping.

[Notes: The next evening after dark, it was raining and I found the chooks under the roost house and was disappointed that they had not learned yet. I picked Susie up and shoved her up the ramp and through the internal door into the roost room. Curious to see what Susie would do in there, I lifted the roof of the roost to look in from the top. I was in for a big surprise. There on the perch, good as gold was clever Barbara the Barred Rock. The next evening, they were all in there when I returned, and I just had to slide their door shut. One battle won.]