I have to be away for a few days, so PTL and Philip, can you please take care of the chickens for me?

Don’t forget the shoes. You don’t want to wear your usual shoes in there, and you certainly do not want to go in there barefoot.

Open and close the coop. You’ll need to let the hens out in the mornings and close the coop at night after they have gone in to roost.

Give them water. The water dispenser has to be taken into the kitchen and filled upto half. This has to be done about once in two days. Use the yellow water bottle to fill the bowl outside the coop.

Fill the glass bottle with layer pellets and empty into the food dispenser.

I usually give the hens some treats out of the green bowl as well as some wheat.

Clean out the coop everyday. This is the least pleasant of all the tasks, but this is usually fairly straightforward.

Look for eggs. So far the hens have been laying their eggs in one of the nesting boxes. So that’s the only place you’ll need to look. Finders keepers as far as the eggs go.