Brent and Sandy have been running this school for many years. Today they occupy a four-storey building/house and have a wonderful team of dedicated teachers. 

The school they run is popular and successful. Every taxi driver I met knew the school  right away. The Japanese people want their children to be proficient in English. Bible is also taught, but free of charge, for those who are interested. Other miscellaneous activities also happen like Zumba!

On Sundays, a bi-lingual worship service is held, comprising Bible readings, singing, communion, a sermon, and prayers.

After worship this Sunday, we had an Indian meal for everyone. I had made the Biriyani, idly, and sambar earlier. The raita (to go with the biriyani) was made in the meeting hall, as were the dosas. 

Because of a bad knee, I had not checked out Level 3, but could.not resist on my last evening in Japan. Here are some pictures of the landing area and classrooms on Level 3.

And finally a peek out of their window.