I felt so happy and proud to read the email that Prof Raghuram, Director of IIM- Bangalore, sent at the death of my father this week. He sent this to various stakeholders of IIMB:

Dear All,

I just heard from the daughter of Mr Gnana Bhaktamitran (our first Librarian), that he passed away yesterday, 18th July, 2019 in New Zealand. He was just two months short of 93. He was our senior most pensioner.

Mr. Gnana Bhaktamitran joined the Institute on 5th October 1974 as our first Librarian. He had a BSc [Chemistry] from Madras University, MA [English] from Mysore University, PG Diploma [Library Science] from Madras University and MSc [Library Science] from Syracuse University-New York.

Prior to joining IIMB, Mr. Bhaktamitran had worked in the following Institutions/Organization in various capacities:

[a] 11 Years as Librarian at The Madras Christian College, Madras.
[b] 1-1/2 years as Professional Librarian at The Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York.
[c] 1-1/2 years as Documentation Officer at FACT Engineering & Design Organization, Kerala.
[d] 5 years as Librarian at IIM Calcutta.

During his service as Librarian at IIMB, he was deputed to the University of Basrah, Government of Iraq. After serving the Institute for eleven years and eleven months, he superannuated on 30th September 1986. He has many publications in the area of Library Science to his credit.

I had the privilege of meeting him in March earlier this year, when I had a professional visit to New Zealand. He had a very pleasant and charming countenance. He remembered a lot from his days at IIMB. He had made an album of IIMB pictures including the Library in our earlier campus in the city at Langford Road. He showed me the pictures and explained the significance in a childlike manner. He was very proud of his association with IIMB.

His daughter Nahomi and her family have been taking care of him in his evening years. I wish them all the best in coping with this loss.

With best regards,
G Raghuram

The good professor sent me the following responses, which warmed my heart even more. How wonderful to be remembered more that three decades after retirement!

From: Professor Vinod Vyasulu, Former Faculty
I remember Gnana Bhaktamitran very well. He was very supportive in finding ways to make study materials available to the first batch of the PGP. He will be fondly remembered.

From: Dr. Mahesh Chand, FPM Alumni
So sorry to learn about the untimely demise of Bhaktamitran. I remember meeting him during my study at IIMB. He was very helpful in procuring transportation related books as per our needs.
May his soul rest in peace.

From: Hamsa Srinivasan
Thanks for sharing the information professor. He was such a wonderful person our condolences to the bereaved family. 🙏

From: Professor Jayadev, Faculty, IIMB
Deep Condolences. May his soul rest in peace.
But for your mail, I would have missed this valuable information and contribution of this great Gentleman.
I think we should name one of the renovated floors of IIMB Library in loving memory of Sri Gnana Bhaktimitran

From: Professor Indira Rajaraman, Former Faculty
Deeply grieved by the passing of Mr. Bhaktamitran. His memory lives on.
He was among the foremost assets of the Institute in its early years, and went out of his way to help faculty and students get access to journals and books, in the days before libraries were interlinked the way they are today. He was deeply respected in his professional fraternity, and was able to get loans from other libraries just on the basis of the trust they had in him.
Mr. Bhaktamitran was a devout Christian. My recollection is that he was a member of an ascetic subset of the faith who did not celebrate Christmas, on the grounds that the birth of Christ was something to be celebrated every day.
Thank you for your message.

From: Venkat Rao B
I was also associated with Mr. Bhaktamitran when he was our Librarian during 1980s. Very soft spoken and approachable person. Sad to hear that he passed away yesterday. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

From: Usha
Thank you for informing us the demise of our Librarian Gnana Bhaktamitran with whom I started my career in the library
May his Soul Rest In Peace.” 🙏🙏.

From: Hanumantha Potharaju
Yes. We remember him from Langford Road days to new campus library. Our condolences to his family.

From: Subramanian KV
Sorry to hear of the sad demise of Bhaktamitran. I recall him as a very friendly helpful and knowledgeable person in his job.

From: Professor PC Narayan, Former Faculty
I am very touched by the contents and tone of your trailing email and truly admire your continuing efforts to recall and focus on the history and heritage of IIM-Bangalore as well as the people who have contributed to its evolution over the years!
May Gnana Bhaktamitran’ s Soul Rest in Peace and may the Almighty give his family the courage to bear the loss!

From: Professor Jagadish, Former Faculty
Very sad to know. Yes, he was a very dedicated and well qualified librarian.
My condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

From: Professor Bangalore Lingaraj, Former Faculty
Please convey my deepest condolences to his family. Hope they will have the inner strength to bear this loss.

From: Professor Krishna Kumar, Former Faculty
I remember Bhaktamitran very fondly. I used to depend on his help for my research that often involved getting old issues of Economics journals not available in IIM-B library. I used to tell him fondly that with his role his name is Gnanamitran.
Please convey my deep condolences to his family on his passing away. I pray that his family be given the courage to bear with the loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

From: Professor R. Srinivasan, FPM Alumni
Sad to know the demise of Bhaktamitran. I remember he was very helpful during my student days at IIM-B during 1977-81.

From: Professor Shivaramu Shivanna, Former Faculty
Sad to hear the demise of Bhaktamitran. R.I.P.
I remember him as a nice person who was helpful during
my visit to library.
Convey my condolences to his family members.


Prof Raghuram visited New Zealand in March to pay his respects to GB with the traditional angavastram (stole). Here are some pictures from that time.

A month or so before his visit, because the Professor had asked for a video message from GB, I made this little “film,” which was shared with IIMB staff (past and present) and alumni.