GrandparentsMy son-in-law Benny loved family prayers even as a little boy, so much so that his grandma called him ‘Little Pastor.’ He credits his grandpa for instilling a love for the word of God in his heart. But the process was not without its difficulties.

One night when Benny was about nine years old, as was their custom, the family sat down for family prayers and grandpa opened his Bible to the book of Acts. They had come nearly to the end of the book. The adventures of Paul on his journeys had made for an enjoyable series of devotions. As usual, before continuing with the reading, Grandpa asked some questions by way of revision, perhaps about the shipwreck at Malta. When young Benny could not answer the question directed to him, Grandpa chided him a little. Benny was quick to pout as usual, and stayed that way for the rest of the session. This made his grandma smile and feel very sorry for him at the same time.

After the devotion and prayers were over, she told grandpa that he ought not to upset the children in this way, pointing out that in spite of reading the Bible for 40 years, he did not know everything. Then turning to Benny, she comforted him by called him to her, “Come to me Little Pastor; was grandpa too hard on you today, my child?”

That night, Benny had a dream, which he recounted to his mother earnestly and in all seriousness.  “In my dream, mama, I was on a boat with Grandpa and Apostle Paul. Grandpa could not recognise the islands around us, and Apostle Paul was kicking grandpa and repeatedly asking him, “Tell me Gilbert, do you know which way to sail? Where is Malta, do you know? Gilbert, tell me, where is Malta?”

[This is a true account as told to me by his mother Ruby. ]