Isaiah 35, an exhilarating chapter, picturing the joy of the redeemed people of God, begins like this:

1 The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, 2 it will burst into bloom;

About three weeks ago, on 22 Dec 2019, Prisy spoke to me about this chapter and about crocuses, and we wanted to plant them in our garden. I ordered some from TradeMe, and forgot all about it.

They arrived today, labelled Crocus ochroleceus.

They don’t look like much; three tiny bulbs that cost me 7.50 NZD plus shipping.

I have planted them together in a pot, and will keep an eye on them.

As the pot looks so plain, I have planted some small succulents as well.

One of these days, perhaps the crocuses will “burst into bloom.” If they do, hopefully I will remember to post a picture here.

I am being a bit pedantic here, but I believe the seller spelt the species name differently. It probably should be ochroleucus and not ochroleceus.

And looking at the places where this grows natively, it could well be what Isaiah had in mind.


Five months later (May 2020 in the midst of a tumultuous pandemic), something seems to be growing.