Borne out of a self impelled challenge, along with young friend Daniel Evans, to each write a poem about God using Common Meter.

Of purer eyes than sin to see,
For holy is His name,
The sword of wrath and justice gleam,
God is consuming flame.

In ancient days, the Godhead made
A covenant above;
The Lamb was slain, the debt was paid.
Hosanna! God is love.

O Abba Father—loving, kind—
The Son to us You gave.
You loved the world—lost, damned, and blind.
Through Jesus’ blood You save.

The great ‘I Am,’ eternal One,
Infinite, glorious King,
Our Paschal Lamb, eternal Son,
To You our praise we bring.

In human hearts—redeemed at last—
O Paraclete reside.
Truth from the sacred page impart
To us, and lead and guide.

Unworthy is this feeble praise
Before You LORD to bring.
In glory, better hymns we’ll raise,
When we with angels sing.

-n- 23 June 2020

[Disclaimer: I am not proud of most of the “poetry” that I have penned in my lifetime. I am no poet, but most of these poems were written at times when prose could not have provided the necessary expression and release of emotion. My poems are as important to me as singing may to be to someone who is not endowed with a singing voice—it justifiably fulfills a need. Thus, although not primarily meant for the consumption of the wider audience, it has a place in my blog, which, as I have mentioned before, also functions as a platform for my own retrieval and use.]