I am reluctant to post this particular video, lest it make light of a beautiful carol. But as it has made me think about the meaning of the title, in a memorable sort of way, I will post it nonetheless.

The words of the actual carol are beautiful, but the first line always seemed a bit out of place.
God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our Savior
Was born on Christmas Day
To save us all from Satan’s pow’r
When we were gone astray
Oh tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy
Oh tidings of comfort and joy

See what Barry Ford, whose devotional article was forwarded to me today, says:

So the song in today’s language would read, “God keep you mighty, men.” It was basically a battle-cry for Christians to stay engaged and “mighty” in the war against Satan and his desire to steal as many as he can from the grip of God’s grace and love. What a wonderful message for back then, and for today!

Barry Ford

Be blessed and may all my readers be saved from the evil one and kept mighty!

[Thanks to cousin Samuel Prabhu for forwarding both the video and Barry Ford’s article to me.]