I only have Helen and Flossie left, which means I do not have Blue the Silkie and Susie the Light Sussex with me any more. I feel more relieved than sad. But I have had fun with both of them. Young Blue is alive. Old Susie is dead.

Knowing that Blue deserved a better life than what I was able to give her, I put her up for sale in TradeMe.

She was bought by a kind family, and they even sent me an update some days later. I am very thankful to them and for how it all turned out. Daphne Blue’s lonely days are over.

Hi Nahomi, Just thought I’d let you know how Daphne (Blue) is doing. She’s great, a bit special but such a sweetie. If the kids get her out and sit down with her on their knee, she just stays there. Haven’t had her out free ranging yet but she does have a big cage. I got hold of Dean and he took my two roosters and gave me another young hen so now I have 3 young hens which I am introducing slowly. Bit of a process but it is going well. So yeah – she’s great & we luv her. Thanks.

As for dear old Susie, she was fine till last week, and was even laying an egg for me once in a while. All of a sudden, she developed a wry neck, which only got worse. As she is not a human being and just a chicken, albeit very loved, her suffering is totally unnecessary, and I finally put her out of her misery. She deserves another post, all of her own.