Mrs. Flora Johnson

13-6-1922 to 13-6-2022 | Taken to glory 12-5-2012

I thank God on your hundredth birthday.

Along with my siblings and their children and grand children I thank God for you. I thank God for giving you to us as our mother. I thank God that you were nearly 90 when you were taken to glory, which meant that all your grand children and even a few of your great grand children could meet you in person. I thank God for the long life He gave you. It was a life well lived in spite of the frailty of the last decade. We cherish the precious moments we had with you. The songs translated by your dad Rev. S. Gnanamanickam which we as your children sang together are among our very precious memories. Of your love and kindness to your children, there is simply too much to recount. We thank God for those memories. Whenever your children and their families have the opportunity to get together, everyone has something to share about the things you did and said. We talk about those moments and often have a great laugh (at your expense). You had a subtle sense of humour and I don’t know whether you knew it.

Your faith was contagious. It made us think. We witnessed your prayer life. You displayed to me the first picture of a kneeling Christian. We witnessed your keen interest in listening to preaching. How can one keep on listening to preaching? Isn’t it boring, I wondered then but not now. We witnessed you spending time in reading Christian books. Can such reading be interesting? How can it be? I didn’t understand it then. But today your children and grand children have their own personal libraries, and some have even ventured into the arena of translation and publication of Christian literature. Salvation is of the Lord, and He used your faith to show to us how precious it is to wholly trust in Christ and how wonderful it is to seek first the kingdom of God. I thank God.