This is a note that my father wrote for me when he handed over his Roamer watch for ‘safekeeping.’


This wrist watch has an important history and marks a landmark in my life. This was the first wrist watch I ever posessed. After I secured my first university degree (B.Sc. Madras Univ) in 1948, I also secured my first employment in Madurai at the Sub Regional Employment Exchange, a quasi-Government of India organisation ( where I worked from July 1948 to Dec 1951). I purchased this wrist watch with my first salary. I was 22 years of age then. GCA took me to the wrist watch shop and arranged for the purchase. This was priced at about Rs 75/- It was indeed a thrilling experience.

I wore this watch until about the year 1990, when it was replaced by my present one [Seico] presented by Pradan my nephew. At the time I was 65 years old.