My father GB’s notes about this photo:
Photograph taken in the late 1930s under the auspices of Christian Endevour Society whose founder was Dr Mathuram, a philanthropist in Trichinopolly. Dr Mathuram (seated 11th from the left) was a member of the SPG church.

In those days, Lutherans had nothing to do with other denominational churches. But because of his openmindedness, my father Rev Gnanamanickam (standing in 3rd from the left in the second standing row) became popular in the SPG church which was most predominant in Trichy at the time.

It is interesting that the Lutheran Bishop, Rt Rev J. Sandegren is himself present in this group (seated 8th from the left).

His wife, Mrs Sandegren (seated 3rd from the left) is someone I remember well. Children, including myself would avoid being seen by her on Sundays, as she would make us dust the church chairs, spoiling the football matches we had scheduled for the day.

The principal of Kempstown, a Lutheran girls school, where my sister Gunaseeli worked before her marriage, is also present (seated second from the left).