On October 6th, we completed two years in New Zealand. Auckland has started to feel like home. This probably means that we have settled down comfortably. God has blessed us with everything that we need and more. Next month, we are going to India to attend a niece’s wedding. This is something we look forward to. I am sure we will identify some aspects about India that we had hitherto missed, that are special. I am sure that when we return we will also be glad to be able to live in New Zealand.If anyone wants to ask me anything regarding immigration to New Zealand, from the point of view of our experiences, I would be happy to oblige.

The biggest impediment for ordinary people wanting to come to New Zealand, in my opinion, is the fact that NZ expects them to submit an offer letter from some company offering them a job. But most companies are hesitant to recruit people from overseas because they have to establish that no one was found in New Zealand to do that job. So ordinary people are left with a catch-22 situation. But who is to say that you are not extraordinary? New Zealand is a beautiful country and it may be a good idea to investigate and see if you qualify to come in.