I am Brent’s sister, and that is why I have his blog included in my blog list, although he rarely posts. Some months ago, I renamed my bloglist to ‘Blogs I view’ from ‘Interesting Blogs’. Now you know why. 🙂

Brent and Sandy came to India in 1981 as young missionaries with their baby son Tim. I was in high school and met them in a Bible camp. Brent has a gift with languages and began to learn Kannada straightaway. But his health prevented them from staying in India. God had plans for them in Japan.  We kept in touch for some years before losing touch. Thanks to the Internet, I found them again about 10 years ago. They came to Chennai to see us once, and my daughter Prisy spent a month in Japan with them a two years ago.

In the early 1980s, I did not know that there was anything wrong with his health. I did think he was mean to ignore my waves and smiles, although he was always warm when I went up to him and greeted him properly. Only later did I come to know about any problems with his eyesight.


Here are his “25 Things About Me” from Facebook

1. Grandkids totally rock. I am sad for my mom and bro. Ben, but they are in Heaven, so I get over it.

2. Dream Travel : Switzerland – Heidi’s uncle’s cabin.

3. Favorite living writers: George Will. J I Packer; Deceased: Twain? Dickens?

4. I look forward to almost all of my almost 20 English classes and around 10 Bible classes each week. And four Japanese classes…

5. I eat lunch on Thursdays with three international friends. Between our morning and afternoon Japanese classes. Brazil, the Philippines, Inner Mongolia.

6. The views from our apartment and school are amazing!

7. I wish I had a small garden to ignore.

8. At the current rate, this part of Japan will never be reached.

9. I am generally considered amazingly good with kids!

10. I bet I have more pacemakers than any 5 of you put together.

11. I am rejoicing in Romans again and remembering Jimmy Allen.

12. The best foods are sukiyaki, goop, te-makizushi, and real Indian curry with nan, in no prtclr order.

13. I have a really cool old tablet computer. I must start using it soon.

14. I don’t have a real day off, but I have stretches of free time between classes every day.

15. Music? Michael Card,
Fernando Ortega, PCD.

16. In return for all the sweetness and grace I get from Sandy, I give her opportunities to exercise patience. That is pretty equal, right?

17. I need to pass the Japanese test before they add a writing component. 2000 kanji, 10,000 words.

18. I am legally blind, have a bad heart, one good kidney, Marfan’s syndrome, and a headache, but I can still beat you in Scrabble, or whatever knock-off you play. I am lincolnlogos on http://www.itsyourturn.com. Bring it on

19. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

20. If I knew enough to write a really important book, it would be How to Love God with ALL your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.

21. I love writing. Sometimes it is the feeling of the pencil against my hand. Sometimes the click of the keys. And always, the amazing power of words!

22. Paper or digital files – I am brutally disorganized.

23. As a tall missionary in Japan, I support LLBean more than I ever thought I would.

24. I have lived in three states and three countries, but have not really traveled much.

25. I was relieved to hear, from an assistant US attorney, that we are all granted amnesty for high school. Some of you, and I, really need it!