Scottish thistle in Kiwi farm

Yesterday, being Waitangi Day, and a holiday, we drove to Hamilton along with a few others from our church to spend some time with the Roses and Bycrofts in their farm and see the Hamilton gardens. After a barbecue meal, some of us set off on a walk to a hillock in the farm.




We had many things to talk about. The dry bush near me in the photo was not one of those things.


Until Mr Snowball (really his name) showed it to me.  He even carefully plucked a flower for me, as he told me that it was the emblem of Scotland, just like the rose is the emblem of England and the Shamrock is for Ireland.


Click here if you are interested in knowing the probable reason for this unusual emblem.



  1. Hi Nahomi!

    I would be interested in understanding a bit more about your Waitangi Day. I “Googled” it, but it seems that there is some controversy.

    Is New Zealand an independent nation, or somehow part of the British nation?

    Please give me a world geography lesson! 🙂

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