Good videos explaining why you need to vote NO

I liked the video on scrubone’s post of Renton Maclachlan explaining the upcoming referendum. I soon found two more videos by Mr Maclachlan on this subject. I would like to share all three videos with my readers.

The first video points out the vital difference between the wording of the original Section59 and the wording of the amendment.

The second video is a comedy satire where Mr Maclachlan interviews Dennis Morris, Traveler of Baanaadoze and spokesperson for the Yes vote campaign.

The third video will interest Christians and help them understand the deeper issues involved.

[Renton Maclachlan is a New Zealander, an evangelical Christian and published author of a book called Tongues Revisited: A Third Way. He also owns a non-commercial radio station that broadcasts programs on creation and evolution to Porirua residents.]


  1. Greetings

    Dennis Morris-Traveller of Baanaadoze, and spokesperson for the Yes Vote campaign re the upcoming referendum, returns for a second enlightening and entertaining interview with host Renton Maclachlan.
    The topic is the much publicized ‘Ambiguity of the question’ – ‘Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?’

    See at:

    If you like it, tell others about it. Pass the link on…

  2. A second satire interview with Dennis Morris Traveller re the referendum has been posted, this time on ‘the abiquity of the question’. In youtube search box, type keyword ‘rynso’…top video listed…

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