Facts from ‘By Fear and Fallacy’


In 2006, Mr. Michael Drake, Principal of Carey College, Auckland, produced a booklet called By Fear and Fallacy. This was before the amendment to Section 59 of the Crimes Act was passed, and yet its current relevance is immense. It is well researched, comprehensive, and written with passion and from personal experience.

Some excerpts:

. . . to withhold correction from children who do wrong is to perpetrate an abuse that will have far-reaching consequences for the morality and stability of our society

A biblical family is made of husband and wife in life-long monogamous covenant, having primary responsibility for the nurture of children God may give them. God has embedded in families relationships of authority and submission, care and dependence, against which autonomy, by its very definition, rebels. Those family relationships cannot be shared with the extended family or community, albeit the extended family and community have an important role in the nurture of children

Fellow blogger, Scrubone, has put it up in the Internet. Click here to read.

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