Tim’s hairstyles

Recently Tim changed from A to C


[A]  Afro? Long and curly hair took about nine months to grow. I quite liked it, but it was not easy to maintain. It also seemed to make many conservative people uneasy.


[B] Straightened hair. He lasted like this for only a couple of hours. His dad and I were too horrified to let it last longer


[C] This is how it is today. We love it.


  1. I love it too! Such a handsome boy. I liked the curls as well. My son (now 18) has done some ridiculous things with his hair over the years. We tried to tell him when it looked dreadful, but he wouldn’t hear it. The way he wore it when Paul and I got married was the worst of all. We tried to tell him, but he was convinced it was sooo cool. Now he won’t even look at the pictures from that day because he’s so embarrassed of his hair!

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