It was labour day in 2008 when we went for a church picnic to Fairyfalls in the Waitakere ranges. We climbed down to the waterfall quite quickly, looking forward to having lunch together.
The way up was more relaxed and we had time to talk about the plant life. At first we discussed the trees and the ferns. The climb up was not easy and I spent much time taking breaks and sitting down, pretending to study the moss growing on the rock floor.

I was the last one to reach the top. Some of the 70-plussers were kind and walked with me, and they were not even tired. I was clearly unfit.
After doing a bit of research on the Internet, I hit upon the idea of a low-carb high-protein diet. To cut the long story short, I lost about 18 Kgs and put back about about 3 Kgs.

Some observations:

  • The weight loss was not constant and regular, so keep at it even if you do not see your weight go down.
  • Most of us are “addicted” to carbs, and as with other addictions, after a few days it gets easier to avoid, and after a while the cravings almost go away altogether.
  • Some of the readily-available foods I ate were kidney beans, chick peas, sardines, beef nuggets, eggs . . .
  • I also had lots of milk and yoghurt, whey powder shakes, cheese. I snacked on almonds, and dark chocolate was a treat.
  • Exercise played a complementary role. I did not have much time for it, but what little I did, helped to burn fat faster. Keep in mind that muscle burns fat even when you are sleeping, so for some part of the period I did weights. Every little thing helps.

A good article that explains why my diet worked is Finally, secret of lasting weight loss.