My dad, in response to a recent appeal from the Lutheran Campus Ministry for donations:

When I arrived in New York from India in 1961, with absolutely no prior arrangement for my stay in Syracuse and with low financial resources, to my surprise, I was received at the airport by Rev Paul Bosch, the Lutheran Campus Minister, then residing at 100 Berkelly Drive in Syracuse. [This is one of many clear instances of God’s providential care in my life. Unknown to me, my father, a senior Lutheran Pastor at the time in India, without any idea about the Campus Minisry, had written a letter.] Pastor Paul took me to his home to stay with him that night, and took me to the University the next morning.

Since I was already a qualified librarian and had gone to the USA to augment my qualification, I was confident I could get a part-time job that would enable me to pursue my studies. I was not aware then that my student visa would not permit me to take up a regular job in the States. I do not want to waste your time narrating my adventure, more incredible to me than a fairy tale; I completed my Master’s degree in Library Science in the shortest time possible without being a burden to anyone there.

But the two initial helps I had from the Lutheran Campus Ministry served me like the five loaves and two fishes blessed by the Lord. They were: my stay in his kind home over night and a loan of $450 that Pastor Paul arranged for me, which I promptly paid back.

As soon as I graduated from the Syracuse University, the Brooklyn Public Library in New York offered me a position in the Library for a year and a half, which enabled me to pay back this loan as well as other loans I had raised in India for my travel expenditure etc.


For the last 28 years, I have lived as a pensioner, while serving until five years ago as a preacher of the gospel of Christ in South India . I now live with the family of my daughter in Auckland, New Zealand. I am sending 50 NZD as a token gift in memory of the good old days and the excellent Lutheran Campus Ministry at Syracuse University. May the Lord bless your ministry now and in the days to come.

Gnana Bhaktamitran [G.W.Baktarmitran as per your records]