A very decent Indian friend of mine in the US posted this video on Facebook. I was unable to make a simple quick comment, hence this post.

He isn’t telling it as it is. He is telling it warped.

Frank Schaeffer has his dad’s keen mind but has sadly charted another course for himself.

I am not going to even try and counter what he says here, because he has cleverly taken facts, arranged them into a tidy package and  then warped the whole thing. I would need to unwarp his statements and then explain. I can only say ‘God help us if people start believing him.’

Let me list some of the tenats of this Biblical worldview that he paints as “delusional.”

** That the Bible is God’s word and true.
** That God is the Creator of the universe
** That evolution is still only a theory as no new genetic information has EVER been known to have been naturally produced. Without new genetic information, evolution is not possible.
** That marriage is sacred and between one man and one woman. (And we treat those who think otherwise with respect.)
** The child in the womb is a person created in the image of God. The mother’s right to her body does not supercede the child’s to life.
** We must pray much for our leaders.

I can see that to some this Biblical worldview may all sound very old fashioned. But delusional? Isn’t that rather . . . delusional?

The reason I listed the tenets down is because maybe this will help people remember  mentors and teachers who would have had this worldview. Maybe that would make it more palatable.

If you believe these tenets, who would you have voted for, if you were in the US? Now with elections next month in New Zealand, what options do we have?

Without an absolute unchanging standard, how do we know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore?

Those with the Biblical world view never change in our moral stance. What the Bible tells us is right (by inference or precept) is right, and what the Bible tells us is wrong is wrong. It’s as simple as that! What was immoral 1000 years ago is so today and will be 1000 years hence.

The other world view, which is referred to as ‘Progressive,’ does not recognise anything as absolute. So the way ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is determined is by concensus. By the same token, what is wrong today may be right tomorrow.

I think that a society that takes this ‘Progressive’ path is setting itself up for disaster. But I do not think that holders of either worldview  are “delusional.”

These are two different worldviews that are impossible to reconcile together. Most of the time we will continue to talk past each other. But we must not give up trying to make sense to each other. That is the sole reason for this post.

And I wish Frank Schaeffer would quieten down.